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Post- acquisition management and integration

Investment opportunities

International trade

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We can help you with import opportunities from the region

Agricultural products, fresh and packaged, Croatia
Fruit juices, Croatia
Dairy products, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Great opportunities to invest in Montenegrin coast:

Our team of experts in investing can help you discover best places to invest in Montenegro.Contact us for details! Great for greenfield investment, and joint ventures!

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June 17, 2018

Four Paradoxes of Globalization

New article on globalization
February 1, 2017

TERME OSTROG: Holistic approach in tourism development

The unique project combines religious and health tourism on a mesmerizing location. More info: http://termeostrog.com/enindex.html
October 10, 2016

Why should you be interested in this region?

The region of South East Europe belongs to the group of emerging economies. Potentials of this region are still not fully utilized, and benefits of first […]

"The International Post-Acquisition Management"

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